From street and urban to nature and wildlife it all catches my eye everyday and there's nothing like being ready for the moment when I'm out with my camera. My main axe is the Nikon D750. Superb in low light situations, loaded with full frame goodness and crunchy detail. Street photography is a more recent obsession of mine. I love finding a scene and waiting as stealthily as possible for the right moment to present itself or for grabbing a moment at random. My Fujifilm X100f is perfect for the job. I purchased an all black model with a black case for as inconspicuous a look as possible, but with it's Leica-like old school rangefinder film camera stylings, it gets noticed more than I would prefer. When searching for my next shot I have learned to trust my instincts. If something catches my eye, even if I'm not quite sure why, I hit the shutter. Even if I walk away with a mildly interesting shot chances are it will really be brought to life in editing where it is then clear to me just what caught my eye in the first place.